In order to process your request as quickly as possible, please answer the following questions

Please note:

  • We have no influence on when we receive your results from the affiliated laboratories
  • We do not have access to your data
  • We cannot transmit results to you via e-mail or fax
  • We cannot correct data
  • We cannot guarantee that you will reach us personally


  • We receive all results from the affiliated laboratories around the clock
  • If you use our app and have notifications enabled, you will be notified immediately when your result is available. (The system is very reliable, but it doesn’t hurt to check the status yourself in between).
  • We provide detailed information on our website about the process and possible problems
  • We try to identify problems and then solve them as quickly as possible with the laboratories involved
  • It is very helpful if you point out problems to us, as this is the only way we can look for a solution with our partners at an early stage.
  • If there are general disturbances, we will inform you about it


  • If your result is not ready to be called on time, be patient. Currently, up to 5 business days delay may not be avoidable
  • If you are shown “Sample on the way” for a conspicuously long time, check whether you can retrieve your result via our system at all. Is there an explicit reference to “My Lab Result”?
  • Answer the following questions truthfully. They may seem pointless to you, but this is the only way we can detect problems automatically and thus quickly and reliably
  • Understand that we cannot help you individually

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